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Maxim Presto 7 Liter Pot
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Specification of Maxim Presto 7 Liter Pot

Maxim Presto is made of quality materials. Suitable for your household needs or restaurants. There is a locking and valve system that ensures safety in use. Maxim Presto is also equipped with anti-scratch, anti-rust, and most importantly, this presto is easy to clean. So, you don't need to worry if the pan will rust because it is often washed. Using the best quality aluminum makes Maxim presto make heat evenly and your food cooks faster. With the best ingredients Maxim presto is equipped with anti-scratch and anti-rust features.
Easy to Clean Maxima presto is very easy to clean. so, you don't need to be afraid to cook fatty foods or dishes that are hard to clean.

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