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PT. Panen Sampoerna Internusa

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PT. Panen Sampoerna Internusa (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

We are engaged in distributor, general supplier contracting, wholesale and retail. Market plastic, melamine, aluminum, enamel, glass, stainless steel, PVC and PE products for the needs of household appliances, kitchen equipment, plantation equipment, electronics, industrial equipment, project PVC pipes / SNI, ordinary PVC pipes, HDPE pipes, water hose, spiral hose for mining and agriculture, rope mining for buildings and fisheries as well as various other items.

In the beginning, we were the main distributor of Maspion Group for household goods and equipment. In 2007 we were domiciled in West Jakarta. We continue to develop this business market, retail, wholesale and wholesale of household appliances, basic needs, building materials and so on. We also work together and as a main distributor of various large factories. And we also expand our reach to the national scale. We also develop wings in the field of contractors, applicators. We supply various kinds of goods such as paint, gypsum, multiplex, lightweight steel frame, electrical wires, also various aluminum and water treatment.

Our aspirator is to become the main distributor who cares about the desires of consumers and is trusted in implementing a win-win partnership. The vision of PT. Harvest Raya Rejeki Mantap is innovative and creative, the concept is intended to support our mission which is "WE ARE THERE TO MEET YOUR NEEDS".


Inovatif dan kreatif.


Kami ada untuk memenuhi kebutuhan Anda.


PT. Panen Sampoerna Internusa berpengalaman sebagai distributor dan supplier produk - produk plastik, melamin, aluminium, enamel, glas, stainless steel, PVC maupun PE untuk kebutuhan peralatan rumah tangga, peralatan dapur, peralatan perkebunan, elektronik dan berbagai peralatan industri.

Kami senantiasa menghadirkan produk unggulan dengan mutu dan kualitas terjamin. Kami didukung oleh tenaga kerja ahli profesional yang berpengalaman dalam menjalin komunikasi dengan konsumen. Kami juga memberikan layanan after sales bagi konsumen dengan senang hati demi kepuasan konsumen.


Jl. KH.Moh Mansyur N0.23 Rt.001/002 Kel.Tanah sereal Kec.Tambora Jakarta barat Jakarta Barat
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia


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